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Standard Chemical Dosing System

Standard Chemical Dosing System

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) was founded in 1993 as an engineering firm in Ahmedabad. Standard Chemical Dosing System.
Various equipment, such as boilers, cooling systems, and effluent water treatment systems, actively utilize the Chemical Dosing System as a comprehensive dosing pump system for both small and large volumes.
The work of a Chemical Dosing System involves the controlled delivery of chemicals into a process or system.
The system actively consists of metering-type pumps and other critical parts that are ideally suited for handling chemicals.

Tasks performed by a Chemical Dosing System

Chemical Measurement: The system measures the required quantity of chemicals based on the specific needs of the process.
Various methods, such as flow meters, level sensors, or analytical instruments, actively enable the accomplishment of this task.
Chemical Preparation: The system prepares the chemicals by diluting or mixing them with appropriate solvents or carriers.
Chemical Injection: The dosing system delivers the chemicals into the target process or system at the desired rate and location.
Pumps, injectors, or dosing valves actively achieve this by controlling the flow of chemicals.
Control and Monitoring: Control mechanisms actively equip the dosing system to regulate the dosing process.
Safety Measures: Chemical Dosing Systems incorporate safety features to ensure the secure handling of chemicals.
These can include leak detection systems, emergency shut-off valves, and alarms to alert operators of any potential issues.


Compact design
Simple handling
Precisely engineered

Application of Chemical Dosing System

Boiler feed treatment
Ultra filtration
Waste water treatment
Raw water treatment
Reverse osmosis
Cooling water treatment

Dynamic Equipments Private Limited is Supplier of Chemical Dosing System.
For more details, please have a professional conversation with you / your team.

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