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Caustic Dosing System Supplier in Tamilnadu

Caustic Dosing System Supplier in Tamilnadu

Caustic Dosing System Supplier in Tamilnadu
Established in 1993, Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) is an engineering firm based in Ahmedabad. DEPL aims to provide advanced solutions for solid-liquid separation, sludge treatment chemicals, Multi Disc Screw Press, Industrial Agitator, Chemical Dosing Systems, Polyelectrolytes, and sludge treatability advisory.

DEPL offers a unique dosing system that provides the best pump for caustic transfer requirements.
The Caustic Dosing System is available in various designs to meet the specific needs of clients.
Equipped with a motor and water tank of varying capacities, the caustic dosing system is suitable for small, medium, and large industries that require caustic dosing.


Sturdy construction
Compact design
Trouble-free performance
Low electricity consumption

Technical Specifications:

Material of Construction: Stainless Steel (SS), PVC, PP, HDPE, PTFE, Rubber lined.
Speed: Fixed and variable type
Capacity: Up to 3000 LPH (Liters per hour)
Accessories: Pressure gauge, Pulsation dampener, Strainer, Pipe and pipe fitting, Sampling valve
Mixing: By Agitator/stirrer/mixer

Various industries utilize the caustic dosing system, including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment facilities, chemical manufacturing, and specific industrial processes requiring pH adjustment, alkalinity control, or cleaning.

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) serves as a manufacturer and supplier of Caustic Dosing System Supplier in Tamilnadu, covering cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, Madurai, Erode, and Tiruppur.

For further details, it is recommended to engage in a professional conversation with the DEPL team.

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