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Polyelectrolyte Dosing System Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Polyelectrolyte Dosing System Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Polyelectrolyte Dosing System Manufacturers in Ahmedabad.
In 1993, Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL), an engineering firm based in Ahmedabad, established with the aim of providing advanced solutions for solid-liquid separation, sludge treatment chemicals, Multi Disc Screw Press, Industrial Agitator, Chemical Dosing Systems, Polyelectrolytes, and sludge treatability advisory.

The solution preparation tank and the dosing tank are both parts of the polyelectrolyte dosing pump.
Professionals created this polyelectrolyte dosage method under their watchful supervision.
They use modern testing methods to ensure it is free of all kinds of flaws.

We are a trusted manufacturer of custom Dosing Systems and Injection Packages Skids. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces high-quality, accurate, and efficient solutions for the Oil & Gas, Refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water & Waste Water treatment industries.
We commit to delivering exceptional customer service and support at every stage of the project, from design and engineering to installation and commissioning.

We provide a chemical dosing system for a variety of chemicals & solutions as described below:

Caustic dosing system
Polyelectrolyte dosing system
HCl dosing system
H2SO4 dosing system
Hypochlorite dosing system
Antiscalant dosing system
RO plant chemical dosing system


Shaft and blade materials: SS 304, 316, 316L, Super duplex, and any material as per application
Automation and interlocking with online flow are implemented where the dosing is being done.
It means that the dosing pumps will shut off when there is no flow in the pipeline or tank.

Dry run protection for the dosing pumps
Auto-changeover is required for the dosing pump
Variety of blade configuration and angle for optimized power number

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) is a Polyelectrolyte Dosing System Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.
For further details, it is recommended to engage in a professional conversation with the DEPL team.

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