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Multi Disc Screw Press Manufacturer

Multi Disc Screw Press Manufacturer

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) established in 1993 as an engineering company based out of Ahmedabad, offers next-generation solid-liquid separation solutions and sludge treatment chemicals. Multi Disc Screw Press Manufacturer.
The screw press is built with a stack of alternating moving and fixed discs with varying diameters depending on the capacity.
Sludge enters on the feed side and moves forward using a helical screw and exits from the other side in the form of cake.
The primary feature of the multi discs screw press is the stack of alternating moving and fixed discs which ensure self-cleaning as the moving discs are displaced by the screw profile in a reciprocating circular profile.

The major components of a multi discs screw press are as follows:

a. Sludge Feed Line from where the sludge is feed
b. Overflow weir pipe for return of excess overflow
c. Flocculator agitator drives for enhancing coagulation and flocculation
d. Spiral Screw powered by a gearbox and Alternating Discs/Rings, the heart of the system
e. Spray nozzle for cleaning of sludge leakages outside the discs
f. Adjustable pressure plate to control the sludge dryness
g. Filtrate outlet for returning the filtrate to plant
h. Flocculator tank drain for draining out the flocculator tank

Here are some of the specific applications where Multi Disc Screw Press Manufacturers are commonly used:

Chemical processing
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Food and beverage processing
Water treatment
Oil and gas production
Construction Site

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited is a Multi Disc Screw Press Manufacturer.
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