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Supplier of Industrial Agitators in Gujarat

Supplier of Industrial Agitators in Gujarat

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) established in 1993 as an engineering company based out of Ahmedabad, offers next-generation solid-liquid separation solutions and sludge treatment chemicals.
Industrial agitators are used for efficient mixing, blending, and agitation of liquids, slurries, or powders in industries such as chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, water treatment.
We manufacture industry agitators, flocculation mixers and slow speed mixing for varied of industrial requirements ranging from 0.7% w/w to 15% w/w solids and varied of viscosities.
Maximum power range upto 45 kW and impeller diameter 2000 mm are available for variety of applications in the industries like textile, chemical, municipal sewage treatment plants, pharmaceuticals, dairy, food processing and several others.
We use high end gearboxes like Bonfiglioli, Nord and others in our agitators for most energy efficient and reliable mixing solutions.

Feature of Industrial Agitators

Efficient mixing and blending of liquids, slurries, or powders.
Promote faster reaction rates and increased productivity.
Enhance heat transfer and temperature control.
Prevent settling and sedimentation of solids.
Enable precise control over mixing parameters.
Offer flexibility and versatility to suit various applications.
Improve product quality and consistency.
Easy maintenance and cleaning for uninterrupted operation.

Here are some of the specific applications where Industrial Agitators are commonly used:

Chemical manufacturing
Food and beverage production
Pharmaceutical industry
Water and wastewater treatment
Petrochemical and oil refining
Biotechnology and fermentation
Cosmetics and personal care products

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited is a Supplier of Industrial Agitators in Gujarat.
For more details, please have a professional conversation with you / your team.

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