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Supplier of Chemical Dosing System in Tamilnadu

Supplier of Chemical Dosing System in Tamilnadu

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited (DEPL) established in 1993 as an engineering company based out of Ahmedabad, offers next-generation solid-liquid separation solutions and sludge treatment chemicals. Supplier of Chemical Dosing System in Tamilnadu.
A chemical dosing system is specialized equipment used to accurately and precisely inject chemicals into a process or system.
It typically consists of dosing pumps, storage tanks, controllers, and monitoring devices.
These systems are designed to deliver the required amount of chemicals at the right time and in the correct concentration, ensuring optimal process performance and efficiency.

We provide a chemical dosing system for a variety of chemicals & solutions as described below:

Caustic dosing system
Polyelectrolyte dosing system
HCl dosing system
H2SO4 dosing system
Hypochlorite dosing system
Antiscalant dosing system
RO plant chemical dosing system

Features of Chemicals Dosing System

Shaft and blade- SS 304, 316, 316L, Super duplex, and any material as per application
Automation and interlocking with the online flow where the doing is being done – it means that the dosing pumps will shut off when there is no flow in the pipeline or tank
Dry run protection for the dosing pumps
Auto-change over is required for the dosing pump
Variety of blade configurations and angles for optimized power number

Application of Chemicals Dosing System

Water Treatment
Wastewater Management
Swimming Pools and Spa
Industrial Processes

Dynamic Equipment Private Limited is a Supplier of Chemical Dosing System in Tamilnadu.
For more details, please have a professional conversation with you / your team.

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