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Hypochlorite Dosing System

Hypochlorite Dosing System Manufacturer From Ahmedabad

Hypochlorite Dosing System Manufacturer From Ahmedabad

Dynamic Equipments Private Limited (DEPL) an established engineering company based in Ahmedabad since 1993, dedicates itself to providing a range of innovative products tailored to diverse industry requirements.

One of our remarkable offerings is the Hypochlorite Dosing System, a specialized equipment designed to play a crucial role in water treatment and disinfection processes.

This system allows for precise control over the introduction of hypochlorite solutions, including sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite, into water streams, ensuring the accurate and consistent dosing of chlorine-based disinfectants.

Key Features:

Precise Dosing: We meticulously engineer our Hypochlorite Dosing Systems to administer hypochlorite solutions in precise quantities.

Safety Measures: Safety is paramount for both operators and the environment.

Our systems have safety features to prevent leaks, spills, and minimize operator exposure, ensuring protection and containment.

Given the potential hazards of chlorine-based chemicals, our safety protocols include features such as gas detectors, emergency shutdown systems, and proper ventilation.

Automated Control: Many of our systems incorporate advanced automation and feedback control mechanisms.

They are designed to adjust dosing rates in response to variations in water flow or quality, ensuring consistent and optimal chlorine residual levels, thereby enhancing disinfection efficiency

Monitoring and Alarms: Real-time monitoring of chlorine levels is fundamental in our Hypochlorite Dosing Systems.

If specified parameters deviate, our systems trigger alarms and notifications, ensuring diligent maintenance of water quality.

Remote Accessibility: In line with modern technology demands, some of our systems offer the convenience of remote control and monitoring.

Dynamic Equipments Private Limited takes pride in being the Manufacturer of Hypochlorite Dosing System Manufacturer From Ahmedabad and Supplier in Tamilnadu and various locations across India, including Arcot, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Chidambaram, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Dindigul, Erode, Kanchipuram, Kanniyakumari, Kodaikanal, Kumbakonam, Madurai, Mamallapuram, Nagappattinam, Nagercoil, Palayamkottai, Pudukkottai, Rajapalayam, Ramanathapuram, Salem, Thanjavur, Tiruchchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, Thoothukudi, Udhagamandalam, and Vellore.

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